Champagne Blush


  • Scented Reed Diffuser
  • Lasts A Minimum Of 6 Weeks
  • Pink Champagne, Peonies & Almond Creme

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Our diffusers have been blended & handcrafted by ourselves; we use a vegan diffuser base which is blended with our vegan fragrance oil! All of our diffusers last a minimum of 6 weeks if proper care is followed. All diffusers come with a care card with tips on how to get the most out of your product; you can also find the info below!

  • Carefully remove the cap of the diffuser & pop out the white safety stopper. Put the reeds into the diffuser & wait 5 minutes before turning the reeds. Make sure to wash your hands after touching the reeds.
  • To ensure your diffuser lasts as long as possible, only turn your reeds once a week.
  • Diffusers are air activated; they work best when placed in a spot with more air movement such a hallway or entrance to a room.
  • Keep the diffuser on a flat surface away from children, pets and flammable products. Make sure not to spill the fragrance on any surfaces. Placing the diffuser on a coaster or tray with help protect surfaces.
  • Keep the diffuser out of direct sunlight or areas that are too warm. Warm environments will cause the oil to evaporate quicker.

Diffusers take a couple of hours to find the right spot; please allow the diffuser time to breath & let the fragrance disperse! We sell diffuser refills and reeds for when your diffuser had finished.